Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are able to control the temperature, humidity and quality of air in a particular area, providing a comfortable environment for spaces such as the office, restaurants, pubs and bars, shops, factories, hospitals, gyms, recreational facilities and many other locations. Thermace supply, design and install a range of air conditioners to provide for your needs.

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Thermace design, construct and install a wide range of air conditioners:


As a business we are set on providing you with a cooling system to suit your needs. Whether you are a business owner or a home owner Thermace will assist in providing the best solution to cool your space. We design, construct and install a range of air conditioners, these include:


§  Commercial air conditioning units

§  Industrial air conditioning units

§  Customised design ducted units


Our services include:

§  Mechanical Services

§  Tenders

§  Maintenance

§  24hr emergency breakdown


Air Conditioning Maintenance:

To ensure optimal performance air conditioning units need regular maintenance, which involves planned routine checks. Thermace are programme maintenance specialists. The benefits are:


§ Reduced running costs

§ Maximised productivity

§ Increased life of the equipment


Air Conditioner Installation:

Thermotec has the experience and expertise to advise and install an air conditioning solution to meet your commercial or industrial needs. Prior to air conditioner installation, considerations such as the size of the room or building and specific cooling requirements must be applied. Our professional team will then install and maintain your air conditioner to ensure it functions accordingly.


Benefits of a properly designed system:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) electricity consumption typically accounts for around 40% of total building consumption and 70% of base building electricity consumption. It also contributes to manufacturing facility energy use and costs. HVAC dominates peak building electricity demand, so improving its efficiency can reduce peak demand electricity charges. Capital and maintenance costs of HVAC equipment also comprise a significant proportion of building costs. In addition, high performing buildings are now getting better returns as tenants and purchases are demanding to occupy sustainable buildings. The introduction of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) regulations is also providing greater incentive for building owners to improve building performance and HVAC efficiency.

While significant energy and capital savings can be made through investing in energy efficient HVAC systems when constructing new buildings, good strategies exist to optimise energy use in existing HVAC systems. These strategies include reducing demand for HVAC services and ensuring good maintenance practices