Roof leaks can be very expensive if not caught in time. If your roof leak is caused due to gutter blocks or improper storm water drainage, your roof plumber is the person to call. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid roof leaks with seasonal roof and gutter cleaning an essential step


Engaging a licensed and qualified roof plumber to do your roofing jobs ensures that you get the results you want. In fact, we sometimes find that minor roof problems go unnoticed or ignored due to the difficulty in accessing the roofs. And often, this results in emergencies that require expensive repairs.


 Correct installation, preventive inspections and timely maintenance helps prevent all roofing problems and help keep your house weatherproof.


At Thermace we offer the following plumbing services:

> General roof Plumbing

> Commercial ductworK, installation and roof flashings

> Gas and electric hot water services

> Storm water installation and management

> Sky light installation

> Roatry Ventalator and hot air extraction sytems